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About Ashley R. Wheat Enterprises

My mission is to leave this earth more beautiful than I found it.  This not only pertains to physical beauty, but also the beauty of feeling good about oneself and having peace of mind.   I take pride in who I am, and I am fully committed to enriching the community that has molded me.

Black Pride comes in many forms - whether it's in the way we dress to pay homage to our Motherland, the way we support our own in our business endeavors, or simply the way we acknowledge each other as brothers and sisters.  Through my clothing line "Inspired by Ashley Renee`", my YouTube show "The Revolution", "Bougie Boogie Line Dancing", and many other endeavors, I seek to spread the joy and esteem of being Unapologetically African.

On a personal note, I have been happily married to my king, Santez Wheat, for fourteen years, and he has been my backbone in the movement.  His production company,, produces my YouTube show, provides my marketing photography and continually supports my every move.  Together, we are a force for positive change within our family, our community, and the world!


Wardrobe Designed by Inspired by Ashley Renee`

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